5 Best Solar Residential Light Options in Pakistan

Solar Residential Light

Installing a range of solar lights around your house can be an ingenious way to keep things lit and attractive, without racking up a huge energy bill. As solar lights rely on the unending light of the sun for power, they are sustainable and a great way to redecorate your home for a pleasant change. The best solar lights operate well and are super attractive, making your home look amazing. Forthlighting features high quality solar residential light. Check out the 5 best solar residential light in Pakistan right below:

1. Solar Bollard Light

Avoid stumbling or bumping into anything after dark, by making the roads and walkways brightly lit. Our bollard shape solar path light has a stainless steel body with automatic on/off via dusk and dark sensor. Occupied with built-in high power lithium batteries, it has the working time 7-9hrs if fully charged. It’s rust, dust and waterproof features make it the best choice for outdoor lighting.

2. Solar Wall Light

Our SOLAR WALL LIGHT  is perfect to light up your outdoor. Solar wall light is made up of aluminum alloy and needs to installed 2-3m above the ground. You can use this stylish product to light up the outdoor of your house or the terrace.

3. Solar Gate Light

Among our other solar lighting options, one of them is Solar Gate Light. With 20 hours of discharge time, it is the best option to be installed on your gates. After being charged for the whole, it will automatically activate the batteries in absence of sunlight and will be switched on. Its 160 lumens are enough to give ample light at the entrance of your residence.

4. Solar Globe Light

To provide a sophisticated look and illuminated your boundary walls and gates, Forthlighting’s solar globe light can be a good choice.  The 100 lumens/W provides excellent lighting. It is long-lasting and one of the brightest of its kind.

5. Garden Spike Light

The solar spike lights have a 2-in-1 function as they can be installed either on the ground or mounted on the wall. They also have adjustable solar panels with up to 200 lumens and are one of the trusted solar powered gate lights you can use. they can withstand harsh weather and can last up to 9 hours if fully charged.

These are some of the best products by Forthlighting. You can also go through our other products here.

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