5 Misconceptions About Solar Power

5 Misconceptions About Solar Power

Solar power is the electrical energy produced using solar energy through the photovoltaic effect. With passing time, the technology used in solar-powered systems, solar panels, and solar LED lights is advancing. Many people are replacing traditional power systems with solar power systems at their homes and residential area. Although the usage of solar power is increasing, there are 5 Misconceptions About Solar Power which needs to be addressed. The following are the top 5 common misconceptions about solar power.

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Solar Energy is Only for Day Time

A wide misconception about solar power is that solar energy is only available in the daytime, so it can’t be used at night, Well that’s not the case. There are two kinds of solar systems – on-grid and off-grid.

On-grid Solar Systems are designed to produce enough power when they receive a good range of Sunlight. The excess energy produced by these solar systems is sent to the state grid to be stored. At night the stored energy from the grid is utilized to electrify the homes. While off-grid systems come with the batteries. Batteries store the surplus electricity produced which in turn is used in the nights.

Solar Panel Damages Roof

The bulky solar panels seem quite heavy. This concerns people that the solar panels may damage their roof or their rooftop is not strong enough to withhold the weight. However, they are not bulky enough to damage a roof. Whereas the part of the terrace or roof covered with panels is saved from the harsh weather.

Solar Panels are Hazardous

Another false assumption about solar panels is that they are considered hazardous. They are feared as being capable of electrocuting which is not the case. Solar panels have insulation fixes of their own. One of the fixes is earthing which not only makes the solar panels safe to be handled but also saves the equipment from damages due to any leakage in electric power.

Solar Lights/Panels are Costly

Although many people believe that solar LED lights and solar-powered systems are unaffordable, it is a much cheaper option than continuing to pay utility rates. Given the fact that the initial cost of procuring and installing the solar equipment is seemingly high, the benefits in terms of credits that one gets back are way higher. Lower electricity bills for the obvious reason that electricity is locally produced by the panels and used on the same premise.

Requires High Maintenance

Solar power systems are wrongly assumed to be requiring high maintenance. The truth is, solar power systems require minimal maintenance. The dust on the panels needs to be cleaned and it can be easily cleaned using water. Annual checks by experts are enough. In fact, the best part about solar panels is that they come with a warranty of up to 25 years.

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