6 Simple Tips to Reduce Carbon Prints

Tips to Reduce Carbon Prints

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere as a result of the action & activities of individuals, businesses, or nations. It is measured in tons of CO2 release in terms of different gases and by-products like methane, etc. Like walking on foot has a small amount of carbon print associated with it while traveling in a car is comparatively large.

With the greater emission of CO2 in today’s world, the atmosphere of the Earth is worsening and making the environment inhospitable for the population to live.

However, it isn’t too late; the earth can still be saved from the near apocalypse situation by taking simple and life-saving steps below:

Adapt Online Channels

The pandemic has shown us that digitalization is always an effective option. When the hold world was put on hold, work, business, and education started being carried out online. So why not stay this way. Working online from home and taking classes over the internet would reduce the usage of fuel for transportation, and cut down on electricity too.

Drive Less

The toxins emitted by vehicles are also very dangerous for human health, considering the tailpipes are at street level where humans can breathe the air directly into their lungs. Challenge yourself to drive less and bike/walk more. Riding your bike forces you to utilize your own muscle power.  If you can’t bike/walk to work for whatever reason, take public transportation. It puts fewer cars on the road, which reduces the amount of exhaust filling the air at once.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Since Kindergarten, we have been taught and asked to reduce, reuse and recycle. Following the 3’s, and taking simple measures can help us a lot in dealing with the climate changes.

You can start with,

  • Downsize your purchases
  • Repair & upcycle to keep using the products
  • Properly recycle waste and products like glass, paper, bottles, steel, etc.

Refuse to Plastic

Plastic has always been poisonous to the earth’s surface as well as the water bodies of the planet. So it’s extremely necessary to cut down its usage. Avoid utilizing non-recyclable plastic bottles, bubble wraps, etc.  On shops and departmental stores, refuse to take plastic bags and take your own cloth or paper bag from home.

Utilize Renewable Energy

Not only fossil fuel reserves are limited, but the burning of fossil fuels is also toxic for the atmosphere. Switch to eco-friendly means of energy like solar, wind, or hydro plants for the generation of electricity. Solar power is the most reliable never-ending resource for produce electricity and runs appliances through it. Although the one-time cost is quite hefty, with advancements in tech the cost of solar products is reducing. And don’t forget that the solar panels and lights installed on a private level saves you from heavy electricity bills.

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