Advantages of Outdoor Solar Lights

outdoor solar lights


If you haven’t made the switch to outdoor solar lights yet, here are some benefits of it and why you should switch soon:

1. Your electricity bill will significantly decrease. Because solar outdoor lights use a photovoltaic cell that charges the light’s batteries throughout the day with the use of the sun’s rays, this provides sufficient electricity to power your solar outdoor lights. The lights will be able to power just about any type of outdoor environment for you at nightfall and will last anywhere between 8 to 10 hours.

2. It’s also a much safer choice if you have children and want to avoid the use of electrical wires as much as possible. The lack of electrical wires also makes your home safer against fires.

3. If your area has power outages, you don’t need to worry about darkness because you can depend on your solar outdoor lights to work and provide light even if there is no electricity.

4. These types of lights are also very easy to maintain; they automatically charge during the daytime and are ready to work as soon as night comes. 

5. When used in gardens and outdoor areas, solar outdoor lights can also provide excellent aesthetic value; you can use the light to highlight certain areas in your garden and give focal points to outdoor areas.

6. Well-lit outdoor spaces add to your safety and lessen your risk for burglar attacks.

7. One of the best advantages of outdoor solar lights is that they are very cost-efficient. Also because they provide powerful lighting, you don’t need to purchase several types of fixtures. You don’t have to worry about high installation fees, because they are very easy to install yourself.


    • Solar panel, battery, charging circuit, LED driver circuit are integrated into a single casing
    • Aluminum alloy case, built-in pipe mounting bracket
    • Top-quality solar panel battery
    • 120 degrees wide lighting angle
    • Motion and PIR sensor for longer battery life
    • Automatic dusk to dawn operation
    • No cabling, no battery box
    • Pole and wall mounting universal bracket
    • Use it at streets, roadways, sidewalks, gardens, parking lots, public square plaza, Malls, resorts, and farmhouse and wildlife area
    • Battery Backup: 2 nights
    • High efficient electronic circuitry environmental friendly non-hazardous material
    • Very low self-consumption, highly energy-efficient LED drivers of efficiency 95%
    • Robust to thermal and vibration shocks
    • LED devices offer a high intensity of light, low maintenance, high reliability, and durability
    • No line voltage, trenching, or metering
    • No power outages
    • Battery backup for cloudy or rainy days
    • Distributed light and power – no single point of failure for enhanced security
    • Easy to install with quick-connect plugs – less than 1 hour
    • No scheduled maintenance for up to five years
    • Qualify for savings from various state and federal taxes and incentivizes
    • No monthly electric bills
    • Controlled charging to prolong the battery service life
    • Long-life PV modules with more than 25 years of power generation capacity
    • Environmentally friendly – 100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution
    • Self-contained solution – Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing or hour preset, no running or maintenance cost
    • Better light source – LED lights to feature cool white light without flickering and higher brightness than sodium lights
    • Without pole, Integration design, easy to carry, put solar panel, LED lamp, battery and controller all in one, without any cable
    • Using high capacity and long life of lithium iron phosphate battery, service life 5 years, can resist high temperature and low temperature can ensure the long service life of the whole product
    • Waterproof IP65
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