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Solar Street Lighting

Solar street lighting can be used on highways, roadways, rural roads and neighborhood streets to provide additional security to travelers. Dark streets can be a hazard to pedestrians and vehicle travelers alike. Solar powered LED street lighting systems will provide the needed light without additional trenching or added utility costs. These self contained systems provide the perfect solution to any roadway lighting application.

Lighting Up Streets and Roadways

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Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Solar parking lot lighting provides lighting to any size parking lot.  The stand alone lighting does not tear up the existing parking lot structures for installation. Dark sky compliant fixtures can also provide uniform lighting without additional light pollution. Since each light is self-contained with its own power system installation is a snap.  Set the pole and mount the solar and fixtures and it is operational the same night.

Lighting Up Your Parking Lots

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Solar Pathway Lighting

Pathways require lighting for pedestrians and bikers to provide safety and security at night or early morning. Solar pathway lighting will provide the needed light while not disturbing the surrounding area. Solar landscape lighting allows for showcasing both the landscaping and a green initiative without trenching through all the landscape work or in areas where power cannot be brought to.

Lighting Your Path With Solar

Outdoor solar light

Solar Garden lighting

Solar Garden lighting can be used for pavilions, remote buildings and mailbox clusters. The lighting provides added safety for residences and communities and can assist to deter theft and other crimes. The solar can be mounted to the roof of the structure with the lights installed inside the building. The power can also light sign cabinets or other applications nearby.

Lighting Up Remote Buildings

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