Balochistan – An Ideal Location for Installing Solar Panels

solar panels at a desert solar farmSolar power is a great initiative for creating an eco-friendly environment. Also, if placed in the right location and installing solar panels correctly, the solar and can be utilized to generate huge amounts of sustainable energy.

In recent years, a great number of countries across the world have switched to more sustainable. solar power plants have generated enough electricity for the entire village and industrial factories in countries aboard. It has not only cut down the cost of producing electricity but also

So, why not bring it in Pakistan too? It’s high time we start generating sustainable power on large scale in properly designed and built solar farms.

Power Outrage in Pakistan

Pakistan has been suffering a power shortage forever. Every year we suffer from extensive load-shedding because the megawatts generated annually fall quite behind our countries energy needs. Especially the remote areas and most of the Baluchistan  This is because we have limited fuel resources and few dams for power generation. The government and WAPDA are working tirelessly to make the ends meet. But the old ways are keeping the country behind.

Luckily, Pakistan lies in the sunny belt. Meaning, most parts of the country get a significant amount of sunlight. Therefore, our country is quite perfect for installing solar power plants. All we need is vast barren lands to establish the farms where we place solar panels on a large scale. And where would we find so much land? I know what place comes to your mind – Balochistan.

Establishing Solar Farms in Balochistan

Balochistan is the hub of vast, barren lands waiting to be utilized well. The empty deserted areas that fall in the government’s jurisdiction can be used to build solar farms. Above that,  sunrays are highest in Balochistan, as the annual average mean daily solar radiation is at 5.9-6.2KWh/sq.m in the province. Its solar energy potential needs to be exploited fully because of the growing energy demand.

From an economic point of view, solar power plants will reduce the dependency on fossil fuels in remote areas. The operation and maintenance cost is nominal, compared to conventional power plants. Moreover, these plants will also avoid the risk of future electricity cost escalation.

This can be a great initiative to provide electricity in the households, and commercial buildings in Balochistan, and a way to encounter the power shortage in Pakistan.

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