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Karachi is the melting pot of Pakistan when it comes to various industries and different businesses. Businesses and industries thrive in Karachi at their best. Throughout the year, exhibitions are held at Karachi Expo of solar lights. Such exhibitions help in bringing businessmen, distributors, sellers, and other professionals. The ideas are shared, discussions are made and the business expands and flourishes through such events.

Textile Asia Expo 2019

Textile Asia Expo takes place biannually every year in Pakistan. Different enterprises represent themselves and showcase their manufactured products at the hundreds of exhibition booths. Last year, Textile Asia Expo 2019 was organized in Karachi. Hence, the two days exhibition was a huge success as innovative products and machinery from the textile industry were exhibited and a large scale.

Solar Light Displayed at the Expo

Meanwhile, the Textile Asia Expo 2019 turned to be quite versatile. Along with textile machinery, tools, and manufactured goods, solar LED  were also displayed at the Expo additionally. Solar power is a sustainable method to run businesses. Using outdoor solar light, street solar light, and such other products help you to cut the cost spent on electricity and make your business eco-friendly. Being eco-friendly earns you a good reputation in the market. Several solar lights companies from Karachi participated in the exhibition, making the initiative successful. A wide variety of solar power products were presented and mutual interests were exchanged between the attendees.

Role Played by Forthlighting.

Forthlighting is indeed ever ready to provide its effort for the flourishment of the solar lights industry. Among the hundreds of booths at the Expo, one of the solar lights booths was placed by Forthligthing.  We are a solar LED lights company based in Pakistan and we provide excellent quality solar lights the country at best prices. From best solar street light to outdoor lights, we have everything that you need when it comes to solar LED light. Our vast range of residential and commercial products at reasonable prices is our pride.

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