How to Clean Solar Panels on Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights

For a couple of years, solar lights are highly gaining popularity when it comes to outdoor lighting. Especially the solar garden lights are a great solution to brighten up your outdoor area in a cost-effective way.  They illuminate your place and meanwhile give the benefit of being an environmentally friendly way of beautifying your home. But, to avail of these benefits, you need your solar garden lights to be in a good condition. Hence comes the need of cleaning solar panels on solar lights.

Why It’s Important to Clean Solar Panels

Although solar outdoor lights are waterproof and durable, they do require some care and maintenance from time to time in order to perform at their best. The solar panel is one of the most essential areas on which you should concentrate your efforts.

Note that if you allow your solar panels to become so dusty that they cannot receive enough light to charge the batteries, this is not a manufacturer defect. Therefore, you won’t be able to take advantage of the product’s warranty.

Plus, when the solar panels do not receive enough sunshine, they will be unable to deliver sufficient charge to the batteries. This implies that after only an hour or two of operating throughout the night, your lights will switch off. It’s a good idea to dust your solar garden lights once a month or so.

Cleaning the Solar Panels of Your Garden Lights

Here are all the steps you should follow while cleaning panels of your solar garden lights.

  1. Fill a bucket halfway with warm water and a little amount of mild detergent to make a lather. Other cleaning chemicals, such as bleach, should not be used since they can harm the surface.
  2. Spray the solar lights with water from a garden hose. Much of the loose dust and grime on the panels will be removed this way. It will also loosen caked-on dirt. This will save you a lot of cleaning time in the future.
  3. Obtain a sponge from the kitchen. Avoid the ones with a scouring pad, since they may scuff up the solar panels’ surface and reduce their effectiveness. Scrub the solar panels on the yard lighting with the sponge dipped in the pail of soapy water.
  4. After you’ve finished cleaning, turn on the hose and rinse the solar panels. You won’t have to bother about drying the solar panels separately. They aren’t huge enough that you have to be concerned about streaking on their surfaces.

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