Is Karachi A Good Place for best outdoor solar light?

Best outdoor solar light

Solar lights are equipped with a solar panel, having photovoltaic cells that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. And then it illuminates the solar LED lights attached to them. The geographical location plays an important part in how much sun’s light does the solar panel receives. Therefore, before switching to solar lights from conventional lights, you would want to know if your location is ideal for their installation.

Factors to Keep In Mind

For a person living in Karachi, you need to ensure the following things to use make your solar lights work efficiently:

Peak Sun Hours

Karachi receives ample sunlight throughout the year. But the peak sun hours only account for a fraction of the time solar arrays capture sunlight. Although these hours yield the most energy, they do not account for all the light the sun provides. The sun hours in Karachi are an average of 6-7 hours which are enough for charging your solar lights to work for 8-9 hours in dark.

The Right Angle

To capture most of the sun’s light, it is important to set the solar panel at the correct angle. The perfect roof pitch for solar panels equals the latitude of the location of the installation. However, if this angle isn’t possible, pitch angles between 30 and 45 degrees often work. Do remember if the panel is blocked by something like a tree or another building then it won’t capture enough sunlight.

Effect of Roof on Solar Panel Placement

The pitch of the home plays a part in solar panel placement. The term pitch means the angle of the roof. A roof that has a pitch within tolerance doesn’t require extra or special equipment, making it easier and cheaper to install. Homes with flat roofs need different mounting systems. Most install ballasted solar mounts because they don’t penetrate the roof. However, they also provide flexibility for solar panel tilt. These mounts have racking set at the perfect angle for the latitude of the home. Cement blocks then hold them in place.

The conclusion is, Karachi is a perfect place to install best outdoor solar light. If you look forward to switching to a more sustainable energy resource, you are in the right place. Visit Forthlighting to select the best outdoor solar light for your residential and commercial buildings in Karachi. Karachi has a population of over 22 million. The high population is why Karachi is considered to be a perfect place to install best outdoor solar light for the residents that live in the city.

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