Lights and LED Asia [2019]

On 17 September 2019, Lights and LED Asia 2019, an international exhibition took place at Expo Centre Karachi and thrived in full till its final day, 19 September 2019. Exhibitors from China, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Russia, Singapore, UAE, UK, and the USA attended the event. It helped to bring the latest technology to Pakistan in terms of innovative lighting and LED products, generating a vast range of opportunities for companies, distributors, and manufacturers.  It was an exclusive platform for the stakeholders,  exhibitors presented their products at their booth, to grab the traffic of investors for their companies. Not only the exhibition brought together many national and international companies under one roof, but it also created new business openings for the domestic market of Pakistan.

Various Lights And Lighting Equipment

Various types of light source products where exhibited by different companies such as solar energy, solar lights, solar lamps, energy-saving lamps, new general lighting bulbs, tungsten-halogen bulbs; various types of radiation sources high-frequency electrodeless lamps; neon lights; light-emitting diodes (LED) various types of transportation (warning Lamp) and signal light. Innovative flashlights, LED flashlights, civil lamps, architectural lamps, industrial and mining lamps, solar lamps, floodlights, indoor lamps, outdoor lighting, and other environmentally friendly lamps were also displayed. Professional lighting and supporting equipment like dimming control equipment and various types of light control devices were also included in the exhibition area.

Forth Lighting Solar LED Lights Booth

With hundreds of exhibition booths present at the Karachi Expo at Lights and LED Asia 2019, the exhibition both of Forth Lighting was also present. We provide our customers with the best quality solar lights through Pakistan. We have all kinds of solar LED lights including solar floodlights, solar outdoor lights, and much more. We put our best efforts to provide our customers with excellent quality products which we presented at the exhibition and found the visitors appreciative of us.

Lights and LED Asia 2020 exhibition is expected this year in the month of September
to keep promoting the lights and LED industry.

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