Outdoor Solar Lamp Post Light During Winters

Outdoor solar lamp post draws its energy from batteries that are charged in the daytime by sun rays and give light at night. During the summer months of March or September, the battery gets charged to 100% of its capacity, thanks to the overhead sun and intensity of rays that we get light at night.

But what happens in the season of Fall and Winter? Why are our lights not staying completely on at night?

When the sun position heads south in the Fall and Winter, the sun intensity, and rays both get low. The amount of solar heat to the solar panel decreases. With 8 hours of sunshine, you can only get 3 to 4 hours of battery charging to light your lamp. It means night light duration decreases to 3 or 4 hours.

On the other hand, in Spring or Summer, the sun heads north again. You will see your solar light in Pakistan to stay longer for 8 to 12 hours each night.


Battery influence

A strong battery that is 800mah vs 550mah, can help you to give you an extra hour or 2 for solar light in Pakistan at night. After a full sunny day, charging depends on the intensity of high rays. No matter what the strength of your battery is, it can’t compensate for the lack of good sun rays shining on solar panels. The intensity of the sun is very low.

LED Bulbs

Another factor that affects solar battery charging is the number of LED bulbs in a solar fixture. One solar light LED bulb takes less energy than 5 LED bulbs in a solar light fixture. Maybe one solar light LED will not give you enough light but it’s better than complete darkness due to lighting 5 LED lights for 3 or 4 hours. At least one LED light will stay longer, as the draining of the battery will be less and slow.

You Get What You Pay

Well, it’s a true saying as Gama Sonic and Classy Caps lights have better solar panels and circuits to take more energy from the sun, even during winter nights. From them, you will get 1 ½ hour of light by charging 1 hour of battery from the sun. That’s the reason it cost more.


Outdoor Solar Lamp Post for Home

Winter is coming and people are asking how to get more light from solar panels. Well, we have already discussed in detail why you get less light and what is consuming your light more. If you don’t want any costly outdoor solar light lamps, then go for the solutions given by Forth-Lightening. At Forth Lighting you can get various solar lights lamps and other products which will be beneficial for you.

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