Solar LED Lights Installation in Dir Township, Upper Dir, KPK

Forthlighting is a wonderfully expanding solar LED lights company in Pakistan. We manufacture various solar lights for both commercial and residential use. Also, we provide solar street lights to lit up roads, lanes, and streets. Our company has been enlargening our horizons all over Pakistan. And recently, we received an opportunity to install our solar LED lights in Dir Township, Upper Dir in the Malakand District of KPK. It was a great experience to work in the northern part of Pakistan and providing them with our products and services.

Providing High-Quality Services

Forthlighting does not comprise on the quality of our services. Our team of expert engineers and manufacturers visited Dir Township where we thoroughly inspected the site and took precise measurements of the location. After analyzing all the requirements, our experts provided thorough feedback and relevant consultation to the client.

Once all necessary details are discussed and we have reached on the same page with the client, Forthlighting got started with our work. We started with the installation of our premium and top-notch solar LED lights across the whole place. And to our merriment, the client was utterly satisfied with the results we delivered.

Solar Outdoor Lights Installation

The streets and roads of the area were dark and gloomy. They needed to be well lit for the passer biers’ safety. For that, we equipped the whole place with solar outdoor lights and street lights. The solar outdoor LED lights installed in the Dir township are our high-quality, long-lasting FL-91 – 60W Solar Light Project Series and FL- 88 – 100W Solar Flood Light, and FL- 31 – 60W Abs Solar Light, part of our advanced and enduring Econo Series.

The lush green northern areas of Pakistan are beautiful and exotic. Solar LED lights can be a beneficial means to maintain their greenery and make the environment eco-friendly. The government and people of Pakistan shall work their way towards switching to solar energy and install high-quality solar LED lights at least outdoors and on streets and roads.




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