Solar LED Lights VS Conventional Lights


When switching from one system to another opinion, you would definitely want to compare the two and know what makes the one better from the other. The same goes while you are considering to replace your traditional lighting system with Solar LED Lights. Today, we bring you the facts that differentiate the Solar LED light from the Conventional lighting system and help you decide which one is more suitable for your house, street, or corporate building.

Solar LED Lights

Conventional Lights


The energy source of solar lighting is sun lighting, which is everlasting. This makes Solar LED lights a sustainable mean to acquire lighting Conventional lights receive energy through burning fossil fuels or building dams at heavy flowing rivers. Such resources are meant to run out after a certain time.

Initial Investment

High investment is required due to the cost of  Solar panels, batteries, and LED fixtures. Comparatively quite lower than Solar LED light

Environment Impact

No emission of any kind of gas and noise or water pollution makes it eco-friendly Impacts negatively on the environment. Frequent and high emission of carbon dioxide, and immense use of finite natural resources.

Maintenance & Cost Efficiency

Requires little maintenance once or twice a year.  Also saver from the heavy electricity bills. Quite expensive electricity with frequent need for maintenance.


Solar LED lights are long enduring and very reliable. With the implementations of LED, now there life expectancy can be up to 20 years. The life span of conventional lights is quite low. They may run around 5000 hours maximum and would need annual replacement.

Visibility and Illumination

Solar LED lights emit soft light with high visibility which resembles sunlight. The conventional light emits light with comparatively low visibility.

Now you can easily differentiate between the traditional lighting system and the emerging Solar LED light and choose the right one for yourself. You can also check out the best ever solar lights in Pakistan here.

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