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Solar Power

Solar panels

Power interruption owing to a shortage of power generation, transmission losses, lack of planning, and inappropriate policies has led to increasing the energy crisis in Karachi. Domestic, industrial, health, and education sectors are badly affected due to this power crisis. The failures in the completion of hydropower dams and generating electricity by fossil fuels have resulted in increased power generation costs and environmental hazards. Therefore, some suitable solutions are compulsory for meeting the escalating power demands sufficiently. Karachi needs a sustainable power generation system to come above the crisis it is facing for years. Is solar energy or solar power a solution to the energy crisis prevailing in Karachi?

Why is Solar Power Suitable for Karachi?

While we are about to implementation of solar power in a city or some specific area, some details need to be looked into.

Ample Provision of Sunlight

According to experts, a landmass requires 4 hours of peak sunlight for solar energy to be economically viable. Luckily, Pakistan, including Karachi, is blessed with ample sunlight throughout the year. Researchers conclude that majority of the areas of our country receive 7 or more hours of peak sunlight. Geographically, this makes Karachi and most of the other parts of Pakistan an ideal location for installing solar panels.

Decreasing Cost of Components

Other factors make solar suitable for Karachi. One of them is cost-efficiency. A photovoltaic cell is one of the major components of a solar panel. The prices of photovoltaic cells dropped by 60% over the past decade. This makes solar power less expensive. Additionally, installed on a private level, the solar system saves you from heavy electricity bills too. Also, solar power products can last up to 25 years with minimal maintenance.

Solar Power on Domestic & Commercial Level

The National Grid of Pakistan only receives 5-6% of national energy requirements from solar power. Such states clearly show that Pakistan is on a long way from taking a sufficient amount of benefit from solar energy. And the way Karachi power shortage is increasing with time, people needed to find a permanent solution. Solar panels are being introduced on commercial and residential levels which is a good sign. The solar panel and solar light business are gradually increasing as more people are taking into account the benefits of solar power. If you find solar panels out of your budget then solar lights are a sound choice for you. Some best solar light companies are residing in Karachi. You can purchase commercial and residential solar lights from them at reasonable prices. There are amazing, innovative outdoor solar lights, street solar light, and solar LED lights for garden available in the market.

in the time of such an energy crisis, solar power is the most considerable relief option for the residents of Karachi. People should consider the benefits of solar energy and switch to a sustainable power source.




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