• Livestock – cattle watering and fish farming.
  • Agriculture – irrigation or crop watering.
  • Recreational – swimming pool circulation pumps; spa
  • Residental – water supply for drinking or pressure boosting
  • Industrial – water supply for businesses
  • National Parks – watering wildlife, water supply for camp grounds and bush fire prevention.

Solar Powered Water Pump Benefits :

  • Require minimal service and maintenance
  • No need for grid electricity
  • No need for generator fuel
  • Virtually free to operate, compared to the cost of diesel-powered generators and grid electricity
  • Free Electricity forever once the initial investment has been paid off
  • Easy installation
  • Can be installed very close to the actual application
  • Uncomplicated and reliable
  • Unattached Operation
  • Powered by clean, renewable energy
  • Long life span – 25 to 35 years


Solar water pumps provide a cost effective water pump alternative to conventional water pumping systems. Solar powered water pump systems use energy from the sun to pump water. This means the pump operates during the daytime throughout the year. Solar pumps have proven to be a cost – effective and dependable method for prodviding water for rural, farming and swimming pool applications. Solar pump systems are available in submersible or above surface type pumps available in AC or DC configurations. Solar powered water pumps are suitable for boreholes. swimming pool filtration livestock and wildlife watering ,village water supply, crop irrigation.

A typical solar water pumping system has the following components:

  • A solar panel array,which converts sunlight into electricity.
  • System controllers, which control the array and the pump.
  • An electric motor, which drive the pump.


Solar powered submersible pumps are used for boreholes, water transfer, cattle & livestock watering and irrigation. Recently the price of solar pv modules has fallen dramatically ,making solar powered pumping systems increasingly affordable. A typical solar powered borehole system consists of solar panels, MPPT pump controller, submersible pump, and storage tank.

Swimming Pool Solar Water Pumps

Swimming pool pumps are one of the most costly household electrical appliances to run. Save monthly electricity bill and run your swimming pool pump directly from the sun. A solar powered swimming pool pump connect to your pool the same way an ordinary AC pump connects to the pool. A typical solar powered swimming pool pump system consists of solar panels, MPPT pump controller,  and filtration pump, Solar powered swimming pool pumps are available in DC or AC configurations.

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