Solar Powered Water Pumps | Best Quality Solar Lighting In Pakistan | Forth Lighting


  • Livestock – cattle watering and fish farming.
  • Agriculture – irrigation or crop watering.
  • Recreational – swimming pool circulation pumps; spa
  • Residental – water supply for drinking or pressure boosting
  • Industrial – water supply for businesses
  • National Parks – watering wildlife, water supply for camp grounds and bush fire prevention.

Solar Powered Water Pump Benefits :

  • Require minimal service and maintenance
  • No need for grid electricity
  • No need for generator fuel
  • Virtually free to operate, compared to the cost of diesel-powered generators and grid electricity
  • Free Electricity forever once the initial investment has been paid off
  • Easy installation
  • Can be installed very close to the actual application
  • Uncomplicated and reliable
  • Unattached Operation
  • Powered by clean, renewable energy
  • Long life span – 25 to 35 years
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