Solar Products Introduced at HVACR Expo 2019

solar products


Pakistan’s 26th HVACR Expo and Conference, 2019 took place at Karachi Expo Centre early in the year. The three days event happened in full-swing from 13-15 February, bringing together national manufacturers, exporters, distributors, and technology professionals on a single platform. The display of innovative products and much-advanced technology at the exhibition led to the many industrial benefits. Plenty of ideas were shared around among the exhibitors and attendees, meanwhile productive business relations were encouraged. Certainly, Karachi being the business hub of Pakistan, played a great role in the success of the event.

A comprehensive range of innovative components and systems for heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration were presented. However, HVARC Expo 2019, didn’t restrict there. The first time in history, Pakistan’S HVARC Expo featured energy efficiency and solar products.


Many of the solar product companies from the solar power industry come forth at the exhibition and introduced their products and also showed the innovations they have brought to the industry widely. They placed a variety of indoor, outdoor, solar lights, and other solar energy appliances, in different sizes and styles in front of the attendees. Solar panels of different ranges in terms of power, size, and cost were also included in the display. The initiative proved to be quite productive and attracted investors, suppliers, and distributors towards the solar power industry.

Solar lighting is a green alternative to traditional lighting using no power at all from the grid. Installation can be very low cost, sometimes much lower than trenching grid power to the location the lights are required. The systems are practically maintenance-free, especially since the use of LED fixtures has become more popular with a 20+ year lifespan on LED lights.
Finally, there are no electrical power bills associated with utilizing solar. The upfront costs of a commercial system can be intimidating. These factors make the solar product industry much popular and in-business at current times and higher demand for solar power products is expected in time to come.

Forth Lighting at the HAVCR Expo 2019

Among other companies,  Forth Lighting also participated in the HAVCR Expo 2019 to put their efforts into the development of the solar product industry in Pakistan. Forth Lighting provides customers with the best quality solar lights through Pakistan. We have all kinds of solar LED lights including solar floodlights, solar outdoor lights, and much more. We put our best efforts to provide our customers with excellent quality products which we presented at the exhibition and found the visitors appreciative of us.

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