Solar street lights are getting popular day-by-day with the advancement of technology. They are proved to provide efficient lighting when it comes to energy conservation. The solar power systems for street lighting comprise of a solar panel, a rechargeable battery, a fluorescent lamp or LED commonly known as a lighting fixture, and a pole, where all the components are designed to be mounted. However, in some newer designs, all the components are integrated itself into a pole itself. Let us look at the most promising features of using Solar Power Systems for Street Lighting.


• Stand-alone and off-grid nature makes solar lighting an independent utility, thus, minimizing operational costs.
• Due to separate components and assembling facility, it can be transported or relocated easily to get the lighting in the desired areas.
• A great aid to solve lighting issues in rural or such areas, where conventional electricity is difficult to reach.
• Being wireless, it prevents dangers and accidents.
• Environment-friendly, as energy conservation totally depends on the sun.
• Less maintenance required compared to conventional street lights.
• Ideal for countries which have good exposure to sun.

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