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Shalimar Park, Islamabad

As most of our readers know, Forthlighting is a solar LED lights company based in Pakistan. We have been serving different clients in different cities across the country with our products. At Forthlighting, we provide tech-savvy solar products for both indoor and outdoor use. Our solar LED lights are not only manufactured with high-quality components. […]

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Solar Power Is The Solution | Karachi Energy Crisis

Power interruption owing to a shortage of power generation, transmission losses, lack of planning, and inappropriate policies has led to increasing the energy crisis in Karachi. Domestic, industrial, health, and education sectors are badly affected due to this power crisis. The failures in the completion of hydropower dams and generating electricity by fossil fuels have […]

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Exhibiting Solar Lights | Textile Asia Expo Karachi [2019]

Karachi is the melting pot of Pakistan when it comes to various industries and different businesses. Businesses and industries thrive in Karachi at their best. Throughout the year, exhibitions are held at Karachi Expo. Such exhibitions help in bringing businessmen, distributors, sellers, and other professionals. The ideas are shared, discussions are made and the business […]

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