Tips for Successful Solar Lighting Installation in Pakistan

solar light installationThe hype of turning businesses green and utilizing solar energy at homes and schools is increasing in recent years. And the outdoor solar lighting installation has taken a remarkable peak worldwide. You might also be considering switching to solar lights. But how do you know everything is right and accurate as it should be? Well, reading the instructions for installation might be enough. But we have also brought some tips for you as well for a solar lighting installation in Pakistan.



Safety Check & Legalization

Before everything else, get in touch with your local building inspector and get a safety check first. The inspection of your equipment and site would tell whether,

  •  the framing on your structure is robust enough to handle the weight of your outdoor solar lighting equipment
  • the electrical lines and light fixtures are installed safely
  • the installation will meet your local standards.

Also, see if any legal requirements to be completed or any permit to be acquired according to your city or districts’ regulations.

Appropriate Sunlight During the Year

Having sunny afternoons just in the summer does not qualify your place to be situated in an ideal location for utilizing solar power. Luckily in Pakistan, especially southern areas including Karachi, Hyderabad, Interior Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan – where solar radiation is highest as compared to all of  Pakistan, get maple sunlight even in winters. So residence of these areas can freely go ahead with the installation of solar lights.

Keep the Panels Accessible

Now the safety check is done, the permit (if any) is in order & the location is perfect then the last thing to ensure is the right placement of solar lights and panels. They should be positioned and installed in a place that,

  • captures the maximum solar energy in peak hours
  • makes them easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Now everything is almost set and done. All you need to do is read the instructions carefully and get started with all the work. For a smoother experience, hire a solar light company that provides you with consultancy, high-quality products, efficient installation services, and robust after-sales support.

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