What Are Solar Street lights?

Lighting is one of the most important necessities in any house, corporate buildings, or industrial place. Keeping in mind the energy crisis in Pakistan, people need to have a sufficient and reliable source of energy. Nowadays, solar LED lights are equipped with the latest technologies, consuming less power, and giving better light.  Along with the indoor, the outdoor areas need to be well lit too including streets, parks, and roadways. Used conventional street lights for outdoor lighting. But with time, they are replaced with solar street lights.

Efficient outdoor lighting is one of the top expenses for an enterprise or a community, urban areas, and solar LED outdoor lights are that permanently reduces lighting budgets through monthly savings on utility bills and low installation costs.

Features of Solar Street Lights

  • Solar street lighting systems are free of the utility grid, keeping the load off the transformers and saving a good amount of money in utility bills.
  • They are engineered systems with long-term and reliable performance.
  • Solar street light feature a highly efficient charge controller with a built-in On/Off sensor.
  • These cost-effective outdoor lights are ideal for installation in parks, recreational areas, schools, residential streets, and roadways
  • Solar-powered streetlights can withstand rain and shine, emit little glare, and kill few insects.
  • These lights have solar panels that collect energy throughout the day and convert it into electricity, which is then stored in a built-in battery and used to illuminate the area from nightfall till morning.


The application of solar street lights can be quite effective in major cities of Pakistan, especially Karachi. Visit Forthligting for more info about solar street light. Our wide range of Solar LED lights in Pakistan are available for residential, commercial, or any other use. We offer solar street lights, solar flood lights, and LED solar garden lights.


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