Why After-Sales Service of Solar Lights Essential?

Sales Service of Solar Lights is Essential

Understand After Sales Service Solar Lights Essential

The sale of solar lights is not the end of the story. Customers are given support as sales service of solar lights essential. These services are necessary to ensure that customers can enjoy their purchase for a long time and get the most out of it.

, addressing their issues, and most importantly, ensuring customer satisfaction.  After-Sales Services help to establish customer loyalty and ensure customer retainment. They mark that customer’s relations with your company hasn’t ended yet, and help you gain the goodwill of your clients.

What is Imperative for Solar Lights

There are certain fundamental services that customers would require from time to time once you have installed solar lights at their place. We have listed some important factors that are must-have in the after-sales services.

Product Warranty

Ensure that your solar light provider gives you ample warranty on every component that you purchase. Normally a solar light may last more than a decade, and the batteries have around 6-years of life span. The warranty shall be accordingly.

Customer Training

Only very few people have been able to gather experience with solar light technology or have observed from others, how it works. They do not know what care the product demands or when it has reached its limits. Thus, in addition to instructions for how to correctly charge the battery, customers shall be provided with training that must also include how to care for and deal with the product as a whole.

Maintenance & Repair

Only when solar technology fulfills customers’ expectations day in and day out, are they satisfied with their investment. Quick and reliable repair of technical deficiencies is a mark of quality for every business. A requirement for this, however, is that the employees are in a position to offer such after-sales service through the availability of replacement parts and provision of support on-site

Lacking Post-Sales Services

Unfortunately, in contradiction with other electronics industries, post-sales services are not much popular in the solar light industry. Solar light companies are not keen on providing any support or assistance once the transaction has been made. This leaves the customer in a difficult position. They are confused about where to go when some trouble occurs with their solar lights. So to be on the safe side, while hiring a solar light company, make sure post-sales services are part of the contract.

Forthlighting values our commitment to the clientele. Once we have sold and installed our high-tech and reliable solar lights on the site, we do not hesitate in providing them with the support and service they deserve. Our qualified and dedicated team addresses your queries with promptness and provide you with repairing of the products and on-site support.

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